music, drama, visual art, paintings, happenings, dialogues and language

Performance work In collaboration with artist Katrína Mogensen that took place for one month in an experimental theatre in Copenhagen. Each day open for 8 hours.

The audiences entered the Zoo the world we created, at any time within this timeframe and decided for themselves how long they experienced the work. Zoo was the first chapter of the theatre series Future X.


The experimental theatre stage that hosted the show, P44, was a apartment building on three levels. 9 performers (including ourself). The audiences had the opportunity to enter and observe or even join the performances.

In the experimental performance Zoo, we wanted to explore visual art and performance art in dialogue with theatre. The Zoo was an experiment to make peace with human behaviour. We had four themes, one theme each week. The themes were: necessities of evil, complications of forgiveness, physical struggles and making peace with human behaviour.


By the usages of different art mediums; music, drama, visual art, paintings, happenings, dialogues and language, we researched human nature and behaviour. We ask ourselves questions like – is evil a necessity in our lives to remain balanced? Can you make peace with evil? Do we need to fight evil or do we fight it by excepting it? What is forgiveness and how does it conflict with our ego?
Is forgiveness a concept that has easily been forgotten in our western society? In the chapter of physical struggle, our main focus was on body art, as a tool of expression. The reasons why we punch and make love. Fight and release. The last chapter we narrowed and processed all former subject into a final research of human behavior. Can you make peace with the dysfunctions of humanity, within the structure of civilization? Discovering the undiscovered. By utilizing ourselves and the audience like experimental animals in a cage, to be watched and explore. The Zoo was an interesting experiment through art, art mediums and language in connection to human nature.