Encaustic painting, nylon tights, oil, pigments, textile, cotton and linen canvas

Tights are cloth garment, sheathing the body from the waist down to the toe tips, primarily worn for fashion and aesthetics. The work reflects the removal of personal histories and ideas. Histories such as traumas, victories, heartbreaks, physical connection and controlled ideas of what is feminine.
At some moments in history, such as in the 40’s, there was a real shortage of nylon stockings in the US and women, literally, broke into stores to get their hand on some. Today, with overproduction and consumerism, women are bombarded with preconceived and capitalized ideas of femininity, drowning in materialism.

In this painting I stretched and stitched my personal nylon tights to a primed and waxed canvas. The tights I wore previously in various performances and rituals. Bringing both my personal- and human history of. the tights onto the canvas. By moulting away those stockings from my own daily life, I leave an area to be replaced by others and therefore I leave an empty primed canvas inside the painting.
An open frame for the unwritten history, what is yet to come. It is a metaphor for allowing both yourself and surroundings to change.