Encaustic painting, hair from the artist, oil, pigments, coil, textile, cotton and linen canvas

Næturklipping 05.10.2019/ Nightime trimming 05.10.2019

I woke up in the middle of night, could not sleep. Sometimes, I get very spontaneous, I grabbed the bathroom scissors and cut my hair from mid-back length up to shoulder length. I am a very spontaneous person, sometimes my mood takes me places and to actions where I even suprise myself. With age and time, I have managed to control my spontaneity better, at least, let it be constructive instead of being destructive. I use my spontaneous self in my work, as they do often reflect my own personal journey within this universe.


In this painting, I use my own hair from the night of the cutting session. I sewed it to the canvas. On the painting I wrote down with charcoal the title and date, and sealed it with melted vax. It is a happening, a sealed moment in time.