Encaustic painting, horse hair, lace, oil, pigments, coil, textile, polaroid picture, cotton and linen canvas

The horse hair I use in my paintings are from an installation I did back in 2013, “Nine horses” exhibited at the group exhibition Noise, Reykjavík, Iceland. In the series, I also include a polaroid picture of a performance. It is an experiment to help the mental connection of the viewer to capture the moment/happening inside the painting itself.

The title Hidden tendency refers to a hidden opinion, feeling or tendency often contrary to the one publicly shown.
In this work, I use material from women clothing like lace to represent the different society’s expectations towards women. In historical meaning, the white underwear represents a woman’s purity, her virginity. The purpose of the white colour is for the husband to witness her virginity, as the blood leaves behind visible traces. These hidden messages towards women’s inside (body) and approved in our everyday life day by our culture, is for me a confirmation of oppression of women and control of their bodies.
The horse hair is a reference to the wild woman. We tend to label them as either being pure (virgin, saint) or dirty (slut, animal). The series is an experiment
to visualize these hidden layers and paradoxical messages towards the modern woman. In the painting, I use rough pencils strokes, material use of ripping and deconstruction. In the polaroid picture, the young girl controls her own body, owning her sexuality and virginity, by her own implementation and intent